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6 Tips on Effective Usage of Color in Mobile App Design

While building a mobile application, a lot of focus needs to be given towards the usage of color. The color theory and overall styling play a major role in the acceptability of an app. Be it Android, iOS, or any other platform, there are certain guidelines which need to be followed in this aspect.

  1. Seamless combination of color and user interface

While a great color combination is definitely a critical element of the app design, however, it is essential that it enables the user to effectively interact with the app, and not detract from it. For more advice, one may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, a reputed Mobile Application Development Company Delhi.

  1. Draw attention to the most important elements

The color usage should be such that it draws attention to places where it is most required. The combination should help the viewer to differentiate the most important elements from the less important ones.

  1. Each color represents a style

While an orange color palette represents optimism, a cool blue shade signifies serenity. One should ensure that the hues convey the precise mood and style of the product and is in sync with the company’s activities. For best results, it is advisable to contact an experienced Mobile Application Development Company Delhi.

  1. Use bright shades for important information

Bright shades grab instant attention. It is a good idea to use them for highlighting the interactive elements.

  1. Be in sync with the website and other marketing materials

A mobile app should be an extension of the company’s existing website and other physical elements. Designing an app in isolation would negatively impact the branding. On the other hand, when it is created in sync with the other marketing material, the brand gains more familiarity and connectedness.

  1. Each shade creates a hierarchy

When one uses different shades of the same color, it denotes the importance of the elements. For instance, if one makes use of a dark green button, followed by lighter shades of the same hue, then it signifies that the first button is the most important one in the lot.

With the help and assistance of an expert Mobile Application Development Company Delhi, one may create an app, which offers a visually appealing interface having the right mix of colors. Here are 3 Things to Remember about Logo Designing.

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