Signs That You Need a Website Designing Company

You just had your new website up and running online however, you are still uncertain if you need a professional website designing company or not. You know that web design is not just about creating a sparkling site where you can welcome your customers. It is all about looking good online and providing the best service for your customers. Here are red flags that you may have overlooked:

  1. Are your website pages loading well?

Are your website pages loading well

One of the most important aspects of a website is site loading speed. If your site loads slower than a few seconds then your visitors may impatiently visit other sites. You may not be getting through most of your site visitors since your site takes too much time to load. A web design company will consider all the aspects of site design to make sure that your site loads rapidly no matter what.

  1. Are your product pages organized?

Are your product pages organized

Your customers look for an organized product page so they could shop easily and seamlessly. A professional web designing company will create a well-organized product page and catalog to allow your customers to view your products or services really well.

  1. Are you using social media buttons/links?

Are you using social media buttons links

Social media plays a huge role in consumer decisions. Your site should have instant access to social media buttons to allow your visitors to share your content, products or services easily. Use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter wisely by connecting to your customers and by posting important information about your business.

  1. Are your website designs updated?

Are your website designs updated

Older site designs and features will only slow your site down. A web design company will make sure that your site has the most updated features to reach out to customers and rank higher on the web.

  1. Are you using videos and other moving images in your site?

Videos and other images will be appreciated by customers. A professional design company will develop a site with relevant videos, images and pictures to make it stand out.

  1. Is your site down most of the time?

Downtime ruins your business and affects your revenue and sales. If your site is down most of the time, you are only flushing money down the drain. You should have reliable hosting service from web design companies so your site will always be up and running no matter what.

  1. Are your customers able to process payments seamlessly?

Are you using social media buttons links

Do you get complaints regarding payments, deliveries or any other concerns about your website? Complaints will affect your customer trust and eventually your revenue. You should make it a point to take complaints seriously and do something about these at once. Don’t let negative comments overcome you but instead do your research.

Customers need a safe, seamless and effortless payment system and delivery this is why you must use only trusted payment options such as credit card and online payment methods that only professional website designing companies will be able to install in

Website Designing Company in Delhi – Selling Jewelry and Fashion Accessories in Your Own E Commerce Site

There is a huge market for jewelry and fashion accessories in Delhi. It’s not just women who wear jewelry, also men and children are also seen wearing their favorite accessory. It does not matter if it’s genuine or imitation pieces, you will surely find a huge market here if you are selling these products. And one way to do it is through your own e commerce website.

Website Designing Company in Delhi –  E Commerce Site

Creating, hosting and developing your site

To make things easier and to get your products up online faster, use a hosting service to create an e commerce site for you. A web hosting company will help you create a site from scratch and set it up so that you can immediately start taking orders.

There are DIY website builders too which can help you create a fully-functioning site in minutes but the key is to develop a website that focuses on a specific market. A hosting service employs site developers and designers who can create smart and strategic websites specifically designed to please your market.

Hosting services only cost less than $10 a month and is a smart investment for any beginner jewelry and fashion accessories seller online.

Designing your site

How would you want your site to look? Your site design should appeal to your target market in the sense that they are willing to check your site out and eventually order your products. For example, for a children’s fashion accessories site, a colorful, fun and interactive site is perfect with large images of your accessories on every page. For formal jewelry pieces and accessories, a sleek and professional-looking site could be used.

And of course site design is not just limited to the overall appearance of your site. It also covers your site’s ease of use, ability to navigate easily from page to page, the placement of all the elements on your site, any ads present and so much more.

A site designer will be able to help you create a beautiful and smart site. A designer will also ensure that your online site is responsive to work with tablets and smaller gadgets that access the web which will allow your site to reach more and more customers easily

Your content matters

Your customers will definitely be looking for more information about your products in your site and will surely love to hear about your company. An e commerce site will also be your way to introduce your customers to your company as well as provide updated information about your products especially your latest designs and features. Everything that you place in your website is content and these will help you attract more visitors which can transform into sales.

Your content also helps you rank higher online. Use related articles, videos, how-to posts and pictures to make your site more professional-looking. Use keywords to optimize your site for searching too. Place keywords in your articles to make them more searchable online. For instance if you are selling goth jewelry and accessories, you can write an article about how to wear goth jewelry in the office and place your keyword strategically on the title and your content.

Your product directory

Your customers will likely want images of your products. A professionally-taken image of your product would do along with a few descriptions of the design, the materials used, the usage of gemstones, design inspirations, etc. a complete and descriptive directory would definitely be worthwhile in selling jewelry and fashion accessories.

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New Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2016

Who doesn’t want to have a trendy website? It not only helps in attracting traffic, but also aids in generating conversions. The good news is that it is not always necessary to build a new site altogether. There are some design trends that infuse with the existing elements in a perfect manner. Below is an insight on some of the popular design techniques of the current year:

Seo  Company in Delhi

  1. Use of Two Colors

Although this technique has been in vogue for quite some time, but, now designers are opting for a color wash effect for a greater impact. This approach may be used in a variety of ways, such as, full-screen, background only, overlay on an image, and many more.

  1. Splitting the Screen into Two

A typical split screen design would feature two panels of the same size & shape, lying side by side. The advantage of using this style is that each side can offer different types of content. While undertaking this approach, one needs to ensure to keep the layout simple and minimalist, as this would help in making the content stand out. For splitting the screen, one may make use of color blocking.

  1. Extending the Type into Other Elements

Breaking out of the norm, the type is now extending into other elements. In this design, the text lies across an image. Of course, there are certain things to bear in mind, to avoid readability issues. Experts suggest that it is best to make use of white and black lettering, so that the text stands out from the background or the image it crosses. Further, it is also better to use simple typography. Care needs to be taken to use the right size of the content, so that it is easily readable on various screens & devices, and does not conceal the essential parts of the image.

Of course, there are several other trends that will dominate 2016. For more creative ideas, one may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, an eminent website designing & SEO company in Delhi. It possesses a vibrant team of professionals & designers, which specializes in rendering design as well as online marketing services, such as, SMO, SMM, SEM, PPC, and many more. Here are 3 Reasons Why it is Important to Have a Great Website.

3 Hacks for Building a Successful E-Commerce Site

Since its inception a few years back, the competition in the e-commerce business has skyrocketed. It is no longer enough to just build an average site and expect immediate success. It is important to bring together function, appearance, ease of access, and several other factors, if one wishes to achieve success in the business. There are several fine points which one needs to remember while creating an e-commerce portal. With the help of Web Solution Centre, a renowned web designing company in Delhi, one may gain further insight into this process.

Ecommarce website

  1. Short Sign-Up Process

This is where many online retailers get it wrong. A long sign-up process is a major turn-off for any potential customer, as they do not find it relevant to provide arduous and often unnecessary details, while signing up for an online shopping portal. Hence, it is important to have a short and precise sign-up process.

  1. Great Visual Appeal

This is probably the single biggest factor which makes a portal stand out from countless others. Having a visual individuality goes a long way in creating a lasting impression in the eyes of the viewers. There are certain basics in this section though. Firstly, the interface should be clean, uncluttered, and free of visual pollution. Also, ‘white space’ should be used judiciously. These basics aside, every portal should have a presence and appearance of its own, and should not look like a sibling of any other site. Getting in touch with an esteemed website designing company in Delhi may prove beneficial in this matter.

  1. Providing Contact Information

It’s simple: providing contact information clearly where any customer can reach and have their queries addressed is a must. This is particularly helpful for the older generation, who may not be as tech savvy as the younger ones. It also creates a positive image for the website as being a user friendly one.

These are only a few of the many hacks that one needs to follow while crafting an e-commerce portal. For more information, it is advisable to contact a well-known website designing company in Delhi. Here are some Tips for Creating Sign-Up Forms That Enhance User Experience.

3 Essential Tips for Harnessing the True Potential of Online Marketing

The internet is a world in itself these days. If utilized properly, it can be a powerful tool for the purpose of marketing one’s business. Though this is not as easy as it sounds, it is worth investing time and money, owing to the sheer number of online customers. There are certain tricks that can help in harnessing the full potential of online marketing, some of which are listed below. For further insight into the subject, one may seek the help of Web Solution Centre, one of the leading web development company in Delhi.

Seo Company In Delhi

1. Conducting a Thorough Market Research

The most important aspect in this strategy is to know and understand the intended target group for the business. This requires a bit of research and insight into market conditions. Once this profiling is done, reaching out to them becomes much easier. Wasting time and resources on irrelevant places will do no good to one’s purpose.

2. Setting a Budget

Although there are a number of platforms available free of charge, and some of them are quite good at what they do, relying solely on free websites may not prove to be enough if one wants to take online marketing seriously. Though budget may be a constraint for many small companies, investing wisely in online marketing can significantly boost the prospects for the company. Knowing where to invest can be a difficult decision to make and one may take the assistance of a reputed website development company in Delhi.

3. Utilizing Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are a businessman’s paradise. A lion’s share of people, who are active on the internet, have their account in one or more social media sites, and spend a good amount of time on them. Having a strong presence on these sites will not only keep current followers updated, but also attract more followers eventually. Creating a business page on Facebook, or posting pictures on Instagram & Pinterest, will give more visibility to a business than one can imagine.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other tactics of carrying out online marketing. For more information on this strategy one may get in touch with an esteemed web development company in Delhi. Here are 3 Great Ways of Advertising through Social Media.