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How to Get More Traffic from Twitter?

Do you use Twitter for business? Yes? But are you able to properly leverage the power of Twitter tweets? Are you genuinely on a lookout for more traffic, more followers, more engagement and more shares for your content?

You see other content marketers nailing the art of tweeting, garnering more traffic for their blogs and you still don’t know from where to start or what to do? Don’t worry we’ve got your back.

Twitter is an ultimate social networking platform, with the number of users we can’t even imagine and experts and professionals to give you jitters. So what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

You don’t need a 100 page worth of Twitter let’s get more followers strategy. Just follow some simple techniques put together by the top award-winning Mobile App Development Company in Delhi and get users to support and like your work and tap into the borders of the Twitter influencers that matter.

Incorporate Visuals: There is no greater power other than videos that can beat the underlying advantages of visuals almost everywhere. Stop regarding Twitter as only a text-savvy platform. Now with Twitter’s auto-expand feature, accompanying your content with an image is easier than ever. In reference to a study, Twitter tweets with an image garner two times more engagement than those without it.

Don’t reveal everything: If you genuinely want users to click that link in your tweet and read your blog then don’t make the mistake of giving too much away in the body of your tweet. Why would users click on the link to read your blog, if they can interpret the whole story of your blog simply from reading your tweet? The most effective technique to get your users read your blog is by asking them a question for which they definitely seek an answer in your blog.

According to a research by Dan Zarrella, tweets that are written between 120 and 130 characters get the highest click-through rates (CTRs)

Update Tweets: Remember one thing there is a stark difference between updating your tweets and repeating them completely. The best way to tweet the same tweet, without giving the impression that you have actually repeated the same one is by altering the image and text used previously in the same blog.

You can effectively post a similar tweet three times after a regular interval by,

  • Writing the original headline of the post, a link to the blog and the original image from the blog.
  • Writing a quote from the blog, you think can make the most impression and a link to the blog.
  • Posting it with a different image, a link to the blog and a question that can create curiosity about the blog’s subject.

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