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Google Search results from Blue to Black Color

Google is thinking  to change the color of its search results from “Blue” to “Black” they have start doing the experiment with certain users.

Google  spokesperson says to press media that we are always making small scale experiments with the design of the search results.  We are running on a testing phase new appearance is visible to only small number of users. They didn’t explain the reasons behind it.

So far feedback of the users is not on the positive side. They are taking their frustration in social media, online forums etc.

Many people had posted threads on Google’s official help forum this week and Most of the people are trying to get their “Blue” results back.

“i hate the blue arrow,i hate the black top bar,i hate having to change to basic on images,keep me basic.” a user called  madmandy wrote

Google is also not sure with the test of “Blue” to “Black” is a great idea of doing it. A Google spokesperson said “We are also not quiet sure that the black is the new blue”

Links on Google search results are displayed in blue and they turned in to purple once the user click on it. Its been a bit of mystery of choosing the same particular purple color.

One explanation is after “blue”, “black” is the darkest color and it would be easy to view. I think blue was chosen because most of the colourblindness people has a problem with “red” and “green” however most people can still view blue.

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