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4 Common Design Patterns for User Interaction on a Website

Online forms are a common interface for interacting with the customer. Such forms would either rely on user input via the keyboard, or display answers that need to be selected by the customer. While incorporating such elements in a website, one should focus on proper functionality of the design. This is primarily because if the visitor finds it difficult to comprehend  or use the web field, he may quit the site, and look for other alternative options. Listed below are some common types of user interaction design patterns for deriving information from the customer:

  1. Select Menu Designs

There are various types of select menu designs such as dropdowns, option groups, multi select fields, and many more. These designs are by far the most commonly used ones and are popular too. For expert advice on this aspect, one may avail the services of a web development company in Dubai, such as WS Centre, which has a rich talent pool of professionals and technicians.

  1. On/Off Slider Switches

Drawing inspiration from smartphones, the on/off slider switches can work perfectly on mobile and desktop/laptop browsers. Most of these switch designs bear resemblance with the original iOS buttons on the iPhone.

  1. Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

These designs display a series of answers to one question, thus enabling the user to select a choice from the options available. Most of the times, while clicking a checkbox, the inner checkmark icon lights up. There are several other animation effects that can be merged with these user interaction elements. For more creative ideas, one may contact an esteemed web designing company in Dubai.

  1. Customized HTML Upload Fields

Majorly used in social media websites for uploading images & videos, upload fields are relatively difficult to customize, as they do not contain the traditional HTML elements. However, with the help of a reputed website designing company Dubai, one may craft an effective upload field.

While crafting a web design, organizations should remember that a great and effective website demands for pleasant aesthetics as well as amazing usability features.

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