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Not all e-commerce businesses are aware of the fact that the design of their portal plays an integral role in increasing sales. Be it the landing page, products page, or the shopping cart, each of them directly impact sales. With the help and assistance of a reputed website designing company in Delhi, organizations can implement simple design techniques that can aid in attracting more customers and subsequently improving conversion rates.

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Here are some of the tried and tested tactics:

  1. A Visible Shopping Cart

Once the customer adds an item in the shopping cart, he/she would ideally want to ensure that the product has been booked. It is important that the shopping cart is always visible and is updated as and when the products are added to it, so that the customer can check the status at any point of time during the shopping process. Again, it is necessary that the cart is easy to find and recognize.

  1. Organized Product Pages

No one can underestimate the importance of customer reviews, but that doesn’t imply that they need to be placed on the top of the page. It is essential that the product pages are organized and display information in the sequence which is desirable for the viewer. For instance, the first element of the page should be the image of the product followed by product details, price, links, and finally testimonials.

  1. Simple Navigation & Checkout Process

This becomes all the more important when there are too many products and categories displayed on the portal. Take the guidance of a website designing company Delhi to find out ways of offering a smooth and seamless navigation experience to customers. Some of the tactics to achieve success in this field include integrating fly-out menus, using bread crumbs, and avoiding hidden menus & elements. Similar to navigation, the checkout process also needs to be simple. Single-page checkouts are a great means of retaining customers.

For more tips & tricks, one may approach Web Solution Centre, a reliable website designing & SEO company in Delhi. The company has an extensive experience in providing expert solutions for growing & expanding e-commerce business.  Here are some Things to Remember While Creating a Color Scheme For Website & App Design.

As an owner of an ecommerce business, you would definitely agree that cart abandonment is a major challenge, which you need to face day in and day out. Statistics reveal that the average cart abandonment rate is almost a whopping 60%!

Here’s a list of few questions with their corresponding answers that may help you understand the primary reasons triggering cart abandonment:

Ecommerce Cart Abandonment

What makes a user abandon a cart?

Probably the biggest reason behind such customer behavior is hidden item/shipping costs. If your online store does not reveal the actual total bill amount up front, and reveals the final amount only during checkout, then this may be driving your customers away from your site. Instead of mentioning the bill details on the checkout page, it is a good idea to list out the same on the product description page itself. Other reasons may include payment security or creating a new account. For expert advice on this aspect, one may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, an eminent e-commerce website design company.

Eventually from where does the customer buy the product?

The shopper may buy the product from any of the following locations:

  1. Another online store which was offering a better deal
  2. A more reliable ecommerce site
  3. Brick and mortar store

Which is that one thing that urges shoppers to buy from an unfamiliar site?

Studies suggest that customers make their purchase decision based on the customer reviews present on the site. If the site displays positive feedbacks, then the shopper proceeds with the purchase.

Why do shoppers add products to the cart without even having an intention to buy them?

There are several reasons behind such customer behavior, ranging from knowing the final price, creating a wish list, and anticipating a discount on the added items on a later date. Some may also add the items to the cart to simply check out the user experience. Those who wish to offer an intuitive and exceptional user experience to their site visitors may avail the services of a reliable e-commerce website company.

With the help and guidance of a reputed website design company, one can surely overcome the bane of cart abandonment. Here are 3 Hacks for Building a Successful E-Commerce Site